Roger Robinson

Running Books

Running Writing Robinson is unique, a collection of outstanding work in literary scholarship and in running history and running journalism - and much else. The book was created by Roger's university colleagues to celebrate his distinguished academic career, and in thanks for his support of the careers of many others. But they decided to include his other life as a runner and internationally-known running writer. So here are some of the world's best writers on running - Jonathan Beverley, Rich Benyo, Gordon Bakoulis, Amby Burfoot, John Bryant, Bruce Tulloh - and some famed professional novelists and poets (all friends) turning their thoughts to running. Here you will find how competitive running footmen were stock figures on the London stage in the age of Shakespeare; new work on Jack Lovelock, Roger Bannister, and The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner; even the world's first study of running as a subject in Italian opera. An eccentric mix? For sure, but an unrepeatable book.   

Running Writing Robinson, edited by David Carnegie, Paul Millar, David Norton, and Harry Ricketts. Published by Victoria University Press, 2011. Direct sale through this website, US$25, NZ$30 plus postage.