Roger Robinson

Heroes and Sparrows (2011)

A new edition of a book that has been called "one of the best running books of all time," timed for the 25th anniversary of its first publication, and aimed at a new generation of runners.


This new edition of "one of the best running books of all time" is timed for its 25th anniversary, and aimed at a new generation of runners.

"I have never read anything more persuasive about running. Whether you're going off the beaten track in New York's Central Park, encountering foxes in rural England, or describing the Boston Marathon from the inside, the reader is with you every stride of the way - as well as sharing your agony when things go badly." (Verna). It includes a new chapter, new pictures, and new introductions that relate the original narratives to the 21st century running movement. They also show how the book was the first to describe and celebrate the birth of that movement - not least in its title, which affirmed that in modern running, all participants are equal. Roger was way ahead of the field, and this new version of a sparkling book is still vivid, funny, and inspiring today. 

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