Roger Robinson

Charles Sorley, World War 1 Poet, and Patron Poet of Runners

World War 1 poet Charles Hamilton Sorley, who died in the trenches 100 years ago, has become the patron poet of runners, by Roger Robinson. October 13, 2015.  

Charles Hamilton Sorley died one hundred years ago, on October 13, 1915, shot in the head in the last stages of the Battle of Loos. He was age 21, newly-promoted captain in the Suffolk Regiment, and potentially one of the finest poets of the twentieth century. 


Sorley left literally a handful of poems. Some of those were found in his knapsack. Among the surviving few are poems that made him one of the voices of that traumatic war, and – very recently, and utterly unpredictably – a kind of patron poet of today's huge international running movement.


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