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Roger Robinson On Literature

Roger comments:
"My commitment has always been to make expert literary scholarship and insight accessible to a wide audience."

For recent literary writings.

Roger's introductions open up major novels like Butler's The Way of All Flesh, Vogel's Anno Domini 2000, H.G. Wells's The Food of the Gods, or the New Zealand classic The God Boy. He published ground-breaking work on the literary response to Darwinian science, especially in Thomas Hardy and Samuel Butler. His seminal Oxford Companion to New Zealand Literature became the basis of New Zealand's main writers' website.  He compiled a key collection on Katherine Mansfield, and pioneered the study of regionalism in New Zealand writing with his Writing Wellington. His commentary on Robert Louis Stevenson's Pacific writing, published in three countries, is important in Stevenson studies and adds to Roger's earlier work on Pacific writers such as Albert Wendt and Epeli Hau'ofa. 


"Robinson's studies of Pacific writing over a quarter of a century are the most rigorous body of work we have in that field."  (K.O.Arvidson in the Journal of New Zealand Literature)




Roger's Books on Literature in more detail.

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