Greek Women-3

"Footsteps" is a Running Times column on the history of running.  Since 2008, it has ranged over running's history from ancient Greece to recent epoch-making races like Paula Radcliffe's 2:15:25 marathon.

Roger's research is often ground-breaking - on the story of women's cross-country, the 1928 Olympic women's 800m, the first half-marathons, Africa "before Bikila," early revivals of the Olympics, and many more.  

There have been special tributes to Kip Keino, John J. Kelley, Grete Waitz, and others. The almost forgotten stories of stars like Gerry Lindgren, Jack Lovelock, and Rosa Mota have been revived.  Sometimes the column vividly relives great races  - by Allison Roe, Seb Coe, or Alberto Salazar.

"Footsteps" is posted on the Running Times site after initial print publication, and there is then no restriction on wider usage, provided Running Times and Roger Robinson are credited.   

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