Heroes and Sparrows: a Celebration of Running (1986)

Choosing it as one of the "25 books every runner should own," Scott Hubbard in Marathon & Beyond wrote:
"Robinson eloquently shares his views on 32 topics all over the running landscape, balancing experience, perspective and impressions both personal and historical. This is running literature at its best."
"There is far too little good writing about our sport, so it was a joy to read something which expressed what many of feel - but cannot put so well". - European champion, trans-America record breaker and running author Bruce Tulloh.
"Your book is just the one that I want to write someday" - Japanese running author Mifuyu Komatsu (who translated it into Japanese).
Heroes and Sparrows is a collection of 32 articles on all aspects of running at the height of the 1980s boom. They take many forms - essays, memoirs, profiles, coaching articles, book reviews, even hilarious versions of Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and the poet Chaucer. Here are the heroes of that time - Peter Snell, Dave Bedford, George Sheehan, Grete Waitz, Joan Benoit - and here too are the "sparrows," since this book, ten years ahead of the second running boom, was the first to insist that when it comes to runners, "the heroes and the sparrows really are equal."
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