Articles new and pending

Newly published: "Alberto Salazar's First Great Race," the November?December "Footsteps" in Running Times -   a different perspective on the now-controversial Alberto Salazar, narrating the occasion the young Salazar first burst on the marathon world at the New York City Marathon in 1980 (when Roger won the Masters title, not too far behind).  


 "The Hand of Friendship," in the November/December Marathon & Beyond, about the famous dead-heat between Dick Beardsley and Inge Simonsen at the first London Marathon in 1981; and why it became symbolic of the new running movement. Roger interviewed Beardsley and Simonsen when they were guests at the 35th London Marathon in April 2015.  


"80 is the new 60", "Roger on Running" on the Running Times website, considers the idea that running is leading another social revolution in keeping its leaders active and creative into their eighties.


Coming soon: 

The January 2016 Running Times "Footsteps" will begin Olympic year with the story of the first Olympic marathon in 1896, when a Greek peasant called Spiridon Louis outthought and outran the American and European college athletes.    

"Breakthrough women", in Canadian Running magazine, looks at the pioneers of women's running in Canada from 1928 to 1981. 

AND FACEBOOK!! I lost my Facebook virginity and now post and/or discuss new work there every two or three days. Still trying to solve its mysteries, but pleased so far with the response. 

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