New Zealand Running

Roger comments:

"I'd written about running for local and national newspapers in England, and after moving to New Zealand became the cross-country and track reporter for the (now lamented) Christchurch Star.  When Tim Chamberlain founded New Zealand Runner, I had moved to Wellington, and soon joined Tim as a regular feature writer and columnist, proud to be part of his team that made that arguably the world's best running magazine in those exciting early 1980s years. Some of that work went into Heroes and Sparrows in 1986. After the demise of NZR, I wrote for VO2 Max, which also became outstanding under Chris Gaskell about 2010-2012. But the small New Zealand market is always difficult. Since that too died, I've been writing on New Zealand topics for On the Run, the excellent club magazine of Wellington Scottish, with some pieces picked up by other New Zealand clubs. I also sneak in material about New Zealand running for my American outlets, as often as I can get away with it.

The following is a recent selection.    

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