H.G. Wells, The Food of the Gods


H.G. Wells, The Food of the Gods.

Edited with an introduction by Roger Robinson. In this little known science fantasy story about a war between the old world and a new race of giants, the always-extraordinary H.G. Wells imagines the effects of artificially engineered food that gets out of control. And he explores other issues that are even more highly topical today than in 1904: the responsibility of scientists for what they discover, the artificial enhancement of the human body, politicians on drugs, the destruction of the farming countryside, and space exploration. The novel includes one of literature's first journeys by motor car, a compelling story of romance between two giants, and the phrase "an iron curtain," later borrowed by Winston Churchill. Above all, it's a gripping and sometimes terrifying story, with the greatest rat fight in literature.

This special limited edition was published by Streamline Creative, Auckland, New Zealand, "to honour the contribution of Professor Roger Robinson to the study of English Literature, especially in New Zealand.Available only by special arrangement

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