Running in Literature


Running in Literature: a Guide for Scholars, Runners, Readers, Joggers, and Dreamers


This excitingly original book at last put running on a level with baseball, golf, and other sports that boast of their classic literatures. From ancient Greece to the most recent running books, Robinson brings into the light a key part of the history and the living culture of running.

"Robinson's wit and intelligence crackle through this masterful guide to running's place in literature" Julia Emmons, PhD, race director, Peachtree Road Race and 1996 Olympic Marathon

"It is a tour de force of scholarship and creative writing - a very enjoyable read and a valuable and handy reference book" - Berndt Heinrich, author, Why We Run.

"It soars above running's more scientific parameters. The writing transcends the usual running descriptions, elevating the reader to realms above and beyond the ordinary." Paul J. Kiell, MD, review in AMAA Journal, Fall 2007.

  • Here is the real story of the origins of the marathon
  • Here are Greek poems, crime stories, and running novels
  • Here are Hiawatha, Atalanta, and the first women runners
  • Here are running stories in the Bible, in Shakespeare, and in great children's books

And much more.

Running in Literature is compulsive reading, and one of the most important running books ever published.

Running in Literature (Breakaway Books, 2003) is available, personally signed, for $US22 plus US$3 S&H.

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