"Spirit of the Marathon: the Challenge and the Journey" Available Now

Spirit of the Marathon

Roger Robinson's Spirit of the Marathon: the Challenge and the Journey (Humphries Books) is now available!

Beautifully designed and vividly illustrated in full color, the book is the commissioned companion to the acclaimed dramatic feature film, Spirit of the Marathon II. Publication was simultaneous with the DVD release of the film, though the book also stands alone.

Like the movie, the book's focus is on Rome, one of the world's most atmospheric marathons. But the book also encompasses the marathon globally, taking the reader on an unforgettable journey in words and images through the modern marathon - its story, and its meaning in the lives of individual men and women runners. 

With new research and vivid writing, the book brings to life for the first time the full story of the running boom, and the transformative rise of women's running. 

Packed with inspiration yet in a pocket-sized form, with award-winning design, the book is sized to fit with the DVD.

Copies are NOW AVAILABLE from rogerrobinson61@hotmail.com
Book only $19.99; book plus DVD of the movie Spirit of the Marathon II, special price of $35.00.

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