Heroes and Sparrows - new edition

Heroes and Sparrows: A Celebration of Running, Roger's first running book, was republished in a new "25th Anniversary Edition" in 2011. The new edition is available electronically and in print form, released in USA and New Zealand. Heroes and Sparrows is a classic of the 1980s running movement for its fresh inside views of the early running boom. It was the first book to affirm that the new priority in running is participation, making back-of-the-pack runners as significant as elites: hence its title. The 2011 edition has seven new introductory chapters aimed at 21st century readers, new illustrations, and a new concluding chapter. It is published by Streamline Creative Publishing (Auckland, New Zealand) and is dedicated to Roger's friend and publisher Tim Chamberlain, who had the idea, and to the memory of Roger's old running friend Brian Taylor, who was killed in the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake. 

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